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Save moneyEach of these tips are strategies that one or both of us have used in our own lives when things have gotten tight or we felt the need to save a little more money for any reason. Each of these strategies ended up being quite effective.

1. Get rid of your home internet.  Most of us already pay for data plans on our smart phones.  Did you know you can tether that connection to use with your computers at home as well.  At one point, carriers were charging additional fees to tether. Up to $30/month made this technique less cost effective. Recently, however, there have been numerous apps that have come out as a legal and ethical workaround to this dilemma.

Estimated savings: Approximately $50/month = $600/year.

2. If you have a cell phone, get rid of your land line home phone. How often do you actually use your land line?  If you honestly think about it, you may realize as we did, that the only people who ever call your home phone number are sales people and political poll takers.  Disconnecting this line may kill two birds with one stone.

Estimated savings: Approximately $40/month = $480/year.

3. Go retro and buy some rabbit ears for your TV.  Most people don’t realize that hooking up an antenna to an HD-ready TV will give them free HD channels.  All the local network channels such as ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, and many others are included.  The amount of channels you’ll receive is determined by how close you are to the signal.  Last time we did this, we had around 20 channels, all of the main ones in crystal-clear HD for free.

Estimated savings: $80/month for DirecTV or Cox = $960/month.

4. Switch your bank account.  The majority of the great perks coming from banks these days (including free accounts) are going to new customers that will switch from their existing bank.  We recently switched our two business accounts to save $7 a month in fees for each account. As an additional bonus, there are several banks, like Chase, offering up to $200 to open a new account.  A Google search for your preferred bank name and then the words “Free Bonus” will let you know if a bonus is available at that bank, as well as the terms of the bonus.

Estimated savings:  $200 bonus + $7/month = $368 the first year.

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