Women in Transition

Where men once dominated financial affairs, the growing presence of women in the workplace and as heads of household is introducing a paradigm shift. Women are rapidly becoming a force to be reckoned with as they take increasing responsibility for their long-term goals and financial health. Women investors face special challenges that make financial literacy and advanced planning especially important. Women are more likely to outlive their husbands, or be disproportionately affected by a divorce, making long-term financial strategies especially critical.

Our specialized process manages the unique risks associated with divorce or the death of a spouse including:

  • Transitioning to one income
  • Creating a defined, disciplined investment process
  • Processing a QDRO (transferring 401k assets from ex-spouse’s employer plan to your account)
  • Building wealth for the long-term
  • Retirement planning on one income

We have compiled some interesting facts and statistics regarding women and their long-term financial planning.  In addition to these statistics, “Women and Investing: A Financial Guidebook for Women”, comprises four investment pitfalls women commonly fall victim to as well as pointers on how to avoid them.


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Women and Investing Snapshot




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