Physicians and Dentists

As a physician you have received one of the best educations in the world; however, many physicians may be at a disadvantage when it comes to personal financial management because their training doesn’t equip them with the tools required for a lifetime of managing their family’s financial well being. Physicians have unique needs as investors and face special challenges because of higher liability risks, complex financial situations, heavy student loan debt, as well as above-average income. In short, physicians are not like other investors and should consider working with financial professionals who understand the issues they face.

Our specialized process manages the unique risks associated with the career of a physician or dentist including:

  • Paying down student loan debt
  • Managing financial exposure due to potential lawsuits
  • Lack of a defined and disciplined investment process
  • Dealing with unscrupulous investment offers
  • Ensuring liquidity upon retirement
  • Catching up on retirement savings missed while attending school

We have created a short list of some of the biggest financial mistakes physicians make and compiled them into an educational brochure entitled “5 Financial Mistakes Physicians Make and How to Avoid Them”.

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5 Physician Mistakes Snapshot




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