To properly manage and protect your assets, it is important to work with an advisor who does not concentrate on “selling” just one product or type of investment. At Empire Wealth Management, we believe investing is not a one-size fits all world. It is our philosophy that financial goals are more consistently achieved through the proper execution of a disciplined process, than by focusing on a specific investment product.

Financial Planning

Effective wealth management requires a commitment from both the advisor and the client.  Our financial planning process starts with a client-advisor relationship that will continuously be cultivated for the long term.  It is crucial for you and your advisor to have a mutual understanding of each others expectations and needs.  Together, you and your advisor will create a personalized investment policy that establishes the parameters whereby your investment portfolio will be managed.  After your investment policy is established, your advisor will determine investment strategies that fit within the parameters of the policy.  Emphasis is placed on strategies that preserve the money you have already worked hard to save, with additional focus on risk management as we use tax-efficient strategic investments to give you the growth your portfolio needs to achieve your financial goals.

Portfolio Management

The advisors at Empire Wealth Management have the skills and expertise to protect and grow your assets regardless of market and economic conditions. Through our Registered Investment Advisory firm, Empire Wealth Advisors Incorporated, we have the ability to utilize any investment products, including, but not limited to, stocks, stock options, bonds, exchange traded funds (ETF), real estate investment trusts (REIT), hedge funds and mutual funds.  We will proactively manage your portfolio while striving to reduce both tax consequences and overall investment expenses.

Learn the rules and then play better.
- Albert Einstein

Retirement Planning

Proper retirement planning is a dynamic process that continually evolves as your life changes.  Whether you are already retired or still working, there are crucial planning steps that should be taken now, that will reduce or even eliminate taxes in a number of areas.  It is also critical to have an advisor who will stay on top of changing economic conditions, and life changes.  Our wealth management process proactively addresses these changes through proper asset allocation, minimizing systemic risk, portfolio rebalancing, client meetings, as well as fundamental and technical analysis.

Social Security Planning

Those approaching retirement today are faced with challenges that their parents may not have had to face.  The traditional pension is becoming less common with each passing day; this puts more emphasis on a retiree’s ability to maximize their Social Security benefits and make their personal savings last.  Having a better understanding of the Social Security system and how it works will put retirees in a better long term position.  The Social Security landscape changed dramatically in 2015 when Congress abolished several advanced claiming strategies that helped retirees increase lifetime income.  The new rules make it more important than ever to make informed decisions when incorporating Social Security into your overall financial strategies.

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